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cuisine of the world

We heard thought the grapevine that Eamon’s class was going to have a carnival this week and the kids were going to dress up in costumes for the day at school. Since we’ve failed to get Eamon the required notebook for school notices to be glued in, we had to hear about this event through the parent grapevine.

I was hoping that Eamon could dress up as something that we already have a costume for, which as this point is limited to the costume for an average American boy. As it turns out, Eamon is supposed to dress up like “Cuisine of the World.” Not culinary artists of the world (bakers, chefs, etc), but CUISINE of the world.  My mind immediately went to that great Wisconsin cheese hat I owned so many years ago, but then again, if I had that hat, would I have thought to put it in my luggage to France?  I think not.

I thought about trying to cobble some sort of costume together, but it seemed really silly to go to extreme lengths to find a costume representing cuisine when we have bigger challenges at hand, like learning French. When I told Eamon’s teacher today that we don’t really have a costume for tomorrow (because in fact, we don’t even have furniture yet), she said not to worry. She told me to bring him in early to school tomorrow and she’s paint fruit on his face.  Nice.  That will save me from having to rush to mold some spaghetti into a hat tonight.

Cuisine of the World update: Eamon went through all of his t-shirts to find a special one for his Cuisine of the Word day and as a shout out to the homeland, he chose to honor the great American food, potato chips.  A special thanks to Nana for the the classic “Cape Cod Potato Chips” t-shirt.  Vive la America!