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frenchified labor day


I think it’s been well documented how much my kids like burgers, but burger buns are a rare species in France and when you can find them, they are about as fresh as……………….(my first thought was to write Owen’s undies in that space, but let’s just say the buns are not fresh and we can leave it at that).  For those interested in a story about Owen’s undies, feel free to wait until the end of this post about hamburgers.  

Our bakery has been closed for A MONTH which has made us search farther and farther afield for bread.  Kind of like the arctic fox when it’s hunting ground is being destroyed and it has to stray further from it’s habitat…………..but when I write that, I make myself sound like some sort of rare and endangered animal, when in reality I am just searching for bread in France.  You could argue that my rubbish French puts me in danger every day, since I often agree to do and buy things for which I had no knowledge or understanding………………….

But, back to the bread.  So our bakery is closed and we’re in a scramble for bread every day because there really is nothing else like our bakery and we have to go to a couple of different joints around town to find the kids of things that we usually buy.  All this to say:  When you don’t want to buy stale buns and you can’t find a good baguette to save your life, you resort to a burger on croissant when you’re trying to pretend you’re celebrating Labor Day in a foreign country.

Happy Labor Day everyone!

And here, for those of you waiting with bated breath, is the story of Owen’s undies:

When we went away to Normandy for a week earlier in the summer, the kids packed their own bags, which is usually a hit or miss proposition.  Sometimes we forget socks, sometimes it’s the shorts and most times it’s the toothbrush.  That week, the kids remembered everything which was great.  We stayed in the same place for the bulk of the vacation, but the very last night of it we were going to switch hotels so I suggested that we repack our stuff to only bring in one bag, rather than carry all of our bags in.  I pulled out one clean outfit for Eamon and piled all of his dirty clothes back in his suitcase.  Here is the conversation that happened with Owen:

Me:  Hey O, can you pull out a clean outfit and stuff all of your dirty clothes back in your bag?

Owen:  I don’t have any dirty clothes.

Me:  What do you mean?  We’ve been here for a week……………..did you put your dirty clothes in Dad’s bag?

Owen:  No, I’ve been wearing the same clothes all week because I didn’t think they were dirty.  The kids in France never wash their clothes.  I’m just trying to save water.

Me: {silence}

HOW DID MY KID WEAR THE EXACT SAME OUTFIT FOR AN ENTIRE WEEK WITHOUT ME NOTICING?!?!?!?  It’s true, when looking back at the pictures of our vacation it’s hard to tell the days apart because Owen is wearing the same clothes.  And it’s also true, the French kids never wash their clothes.  So, if the planet is saved by a reduction in water usage, you can thank Owen.  And the French.