blame it on france

Wow!  With a vacation this long from writing on this blog, you’d think I were living in France or something……….

So sorry for the long hiatus.

I promise to come back here and tell you some of my favorite stories from recent months involving all of the following:  shopping carts, nudist camps, Neuschwanstein Castle, birthday parties, elderly friends, wine sales, fondue pots, Liechtenstein, and sleeping in a VW bus.

Here are a few of my favorite snaps from the summer – lots more stories to come!







8 responses to “blame it on france

  1. wow!

  2. I keep telling Mark that he didn’t HAVE to choose India over France. Can’t wait to hear these stories in person, very soon. I’m still all about the fondue pot.

  3. Hi! I was just thinking about you yesterday and wondering what you were up to…apparently a very extended European vacation Mrs. Griswald! Hope you are well and miss you!

  4. I’ve missed your posts!
    p.s. – What kind of camera are you using?

    • Hey Caroline!
      I’m a Canon girl, so I use a Canon EOS Rebel T3i with an 18-55mm lens or a 55-250mm lens. Great camera – easy to use and great photo quality!

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