fashion tv

I know you know how limited our tv options are here, but you know I’ve hit rock bottom when you catch me sitting watching French Fashion TV.  It’s a channel devoted entirely to fashion.  There are no words, only fashion and I’m fairly certain that I don’t fit their intended viewer demographic.

On this channel there are a lot of very tall women with minimal clothing, as you would imagine, but the bulk of the time seems to be devoted to the designers of Brazilian bikinis. It’s like a Victoria’s Secret fashion show playing every evening and it’s actually somewhat interesting, from a cultural perspective.

While watching, I try not to have a complete body image breakdown, however I often find myself thinking things like, “Hmmmm……………those Brazilain bikinis look cool, but I wonder what it feels like to be strutting down the catwalk with that giant wedgie in front of all those people.” Thoughts like this often make me realize that watching French Fashion TV is not the best use of my time……………..

One day, when I was thinking about writing this very post about Fashion TV and I was planing to take a picture of it with my iPhone, I happened to say out loud, “I can’t remember what channel Fashion TV is…………..”

At that moment, Tim chimed in, “It’s 123.”

I guess he finds it culturally interesting too.



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