it’s party time!


There is nearly nothing I love more than a party, however this does not include kid’s parties. I want to love kid’s birthday parties or at least like them, but unfortunately, I don’t love or even like them.

I’m not exactly sure why I don’t like them, but I think it may have something to do with the ear-splitting screaming that seems to be a standard part of birthday parties for the young set.  I also have very bad memories of Eamon’s 2nd birthday party, which has stayed with me for many years and tainted me forever. Here is a summary of that fateful situation which has scarred me for life:

  • our very elderly, smelly, and somewhat badly behaved dog Bruno died the week of his party
  • we accidentally trapped a skunk in a hole in the floor of our garage with cement the day before the party (that is a long story, best left for another day)
  • I thought I invited the kids/parents for 11am, but I accidentally put the wrong time on the invitation and everyone showed up at 10am and I was forced to crazily throw shit in the closets and frost the cake with powered sugar

You’ll be happy to know that Eamon was not at all scarred by the events surrounding his party.  I just try to keep the trauma to myself (and my very public friends on the internet).

For us, the older our kids have gotten, the smaller their parties have become. In France?  Every party that our kids have been invited to has been about 12+ kids. I guess French parents have a lot more tolerance than I do. Another point of note about French children’s parties is that the parents never stay at the party, no matter the age of the child. So, if your child is turning 3 and you invite 20 3-year-olds to the party (as my friend here accidentally did), be prepared watch those 20 little kids for the duration.

Since Eamon’s birthday is a mere days away, the party situation has been on my mind. Luckily for me, he has no real interest in having a big party this year. Instead, we’re taking a couple of kids to a local place called “accrobranche” which is sort of like a ropes course with zipline, etc.  I really hope the harnesses are good.  Will let you know……

ps- pictures courtesy of my friend Louise (from her kid’s parties), Instagram rendering courtesy of me

5 responses to “it’s party time!

  1. now that i have a house with a garage, i think of your skunk story ALL OF THE TIME!

  2. I have nothing but the fondest memories of Eamo’s 2nd birthday!! And of course you are selling your self short and you pulled it all off and EVERYONE had a blast. Miss you guys!! Happy Birthday Eamon- Aidan says hi.

  3. I love the photo of the m&m transfer! You guys are clearly making a lasting mark…

    • I should have mentioned in this post that the two games featured in the photos are “Pass the Parcel” a traditional UK party game and the “M&M Game”, imported by us from the US (I know you knew that!)!

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