rebranding ourselves

When you’re living abroad and the distance between you and your place of citizenship is separated by an ocean, its easy to feel like a perpetual tourist. I don’t know about you, but having grown up in a heavily trafficked tourist area, I don’t always have the highest opinion of tourists.  Now I am one.  Nearly every single day.

The funny thing about tourists on Cape Cod, especially the ones from Canada, is that they could be easily identified by their tiny speedo bathing suits.  Now that we are living in a land of tiny speedo bathing suits, we are the outcasts.  It kind of hurts.

If there is one invention that reduces my perpetual tourist anxiety it’s the iPhone. Don’t know where you’re going? Keep that giant map in your pocket and pull out your iPhone.  Don’t know where to eat?  iPhone will tell you what’s near you.  And don’t get me going on my new love of instagram……  The iPhone helps me feel better about myself every day.  I’ve even started to call it “My Pocket Shrink.”  I’m sure Steve Jobs would be proud that his technology has had such an impact.

And although we rarely know where we’re going, we’ve decided to call ourselves adventurers rather than tourists.  It has less of a sting to it.



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