dear diary

If I kept a diary and you edited out the posts related to my dog, it would probably go something like this:

February 15:  Can’t believe we’re leaving VT and leaving Emma (our dog) behind! So sad!

February 16:  Wow, France is nice!  Can’t believe I don’t need to get up at 6am to let the dog out….

February 17:  Sleeping in is kinda nice…..

February 18:  I miss Emma.

March 1:  Going away for the weekend – luckily Emma’s not here because we’d have to find her a French dog sitter.  I wonder how you say dog sitter in French……

March 10-15:  I miss Emma.

March 16:  Sleeping in seems to suit me……

March 17:  Emma would have loved the hike in the forest we did today.  Miss her.

April 1:  Going away again – so excited!  Luckily no dogsitter this time either.

April 15-30:  I miss Emma.

You get the idea.  Although we truly miss Emma, she’s staying in VT with some great friends and having fun.  While France is a great dog culture (dogs can go in to restaurants, on busses and into the supermarkets), having a dog in France presents its own set of problems (how to travel with her or find a place to put her while we travel).  Although I’d love to have her here, she’s undoubtedly much happier in VT.  But Emma being in VT doesn’t really satisfy my dog fix…………….

Enter Herbie!:


He belongs to our neighbors and stayed with us for the weekend while they were away.  What a great dog!  Made me miss Emma even more, while at the same time reinforcing how hard it is to have a dog when the road calls…………….. (I think I just made myself sound like a rockstar, either that, or a prostitute on the A6).


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