musical time warp

20110725-105035.jpgBefore we left Vermont, the boys started becoming more interested in music. Sadly, we seemed to be passing the point in our lives in which the kids were satisfied with the parental musical selection.  It seemed that they were suddenly forming their own……..opinions.  Guys, you don’t want to listen to Neil Young again?  Really?!!?!

Somehow, I found our family sinking into what I like to call:  Bieberland. Although both boys would vehemently deny that they liked Justin Bieber, somehow they:

a) convinced me (at a weak moment) to buy the Justin Bieber song Baby and load it on my iPod
b) managed to convince me that the Justin Bieber biography was the ONLY book they wanted from the book order form at school

And while I don’t have anything against, Justin Bieber, except his haircut, I was a bit worried that my kids were going to suddenly morph into the kind of Bieber-ific kids I was seeing around town.  You know, the skinny jean-wearing, undie-bearning kids with strangely swooped hair.

I’d just like everyone to know, that we’ve been rescued by France from our Bieber-tastic lives.  Although there is an obvious Bieber-influence here, as far as the dress code goes, there is little evidence that his music has a hold on the youngest generation as it does in the US.  In fact, in my opinion, France is stuck in a musical time warp – and not the Rocky Horror Picture Show kind.

Take for example, the fireworks display we saw in Normandy last week for the Fête Nationale.  Apparently all fireworks displays in France, even ones in very small towns, are choreographed to music.  As the fireworks  display started, we were treated to the following lineup of music, in this order:

    • Hell’s Bells – AC/DC
    • Money for Nothing – Dire Straits
    • Jump – Van Halen

It was like I stepped right out my life in France and right back into 1985 – bad hair and all.

The next night, we were in another small town and although we weren’t planning to stay for the fireworks display that night, we were lucky to be present for the musical sound check.  In that town, they had decided to skip the heavy metal/hard rock lineup in favor of a lineup of music by one artist – the Prince of Pop.  That’s right, Michael Jackson was blaring a medley of his most popular songs at volume 11 on the pier.

Now I know that Michael Jackson is an international sensation, but it was very strange being in this very small French town, listening to Michael Jackson and watching throngs of French people (and a couple of small American boys (and their youngish mother)) dance in the streets and attempt the moonwalk – all in broad daylight.  If we’re going retro, what’s the matter with a fireworks display set to a soundtrack of Neil Young, I say?  However, if given a choice, I would choose MJ over Bieber any day of the week.

ps – For those interested, cotton candy is called “barbapapa” in France.  I love it in either of it’s named forms.


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