le super americaine

20110716-110629.jpgIn a little coastal town on our way around Normandy, we stopped for dinner at an outdoor crepe/kebab/stake hache stand.  As we were standing in line looking at the menu, Tim spied his desired meal.  It was called “Le Super Americaine.”  I am not joking.  Tim actually said very loudly, “I need to order le super americaine because I am a super American!”  At that point, I put a little bit more distance between us and started to act like I didn’t know him.

He did, in fact, order it and you can see it pictured above.  Not sure if the owner of the stand has ever been to America, but I thinking that I might need to let her know that in America we don’t eat our french fries on top of our burger and we don’t eat our burgers on a baguette.  Just thought I’d mention that.  See that pile of ketchup on top of the fries?  It’s masking the pile of mayo underneath.  Not sure if this sandwich makes us seem super or just really scary.


One response to “le super americaine

  1. Definitely super American!

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