send in the clowns

Hello free time!  Last week was great – and very quiet with the guys off at Classe Verte.  I could hardly believe my list of things to do did not involve school, homework and bedtime.  I had lots of adventures in the French countryside (and cityside) – but those are stories for another day.  Today, I know I need to give you the circus update, since so many of you (well, at least one that I know of) is waiting on the edge of her seat to find out what happened.  Here is an Instagram depiction of the big event: 20110614-102920.jpgAbout an hour before we were supposed to arrive at the circus camp to have lunch with the other parents and then watch the final “spectacle,” Tim decided to look up the directions.  What he thought was about a 45 minute drive, turned out to be an 1 hour 15 min, according to the gps.  Oops.  We rushed into the car, started driving, started talking and then Mr. Map Man (aka Tim) missed the turn.  However, we didn’t seem to notice this until we were a good 1/2 hour in the wrong direction.  Oops again.  As much as I wanted to be on time for the lunch, I do take some secret pride in the fact that Tim’s map skills have an occasional flaw.  It makes me feel slightly better about myself to know that I have not married an infallible map genius, just an average citizen.  Tim, do you actually read this blog?

By the time we finally arrived at the circus camp (nearly an hour late), we were actually right on time, according to the timetable of lateness in France.  After a delicious lunch, we were asked to move into the real big top tent to see the show.  Up until this time, we had still not seen the kids who were getting into their costumes and practicing their moves behind the scenes.

It is hard to describe in words exactly what we saw.  First, came Michael Jackson over the PA system.  Then there were lots of little kids dressed as clowns doing some balancing, some juggling, some jumping through hoops, some trampoline moves and many versions of the human pyramid.  But, the best part of all was the last part.  They brought out ponies and the kids did all sorts of tricks on them.  When Owen kneeled on the back of a pony and took a ride around the ring with his arms up in the air, my heart was in my mouth.  But when Eamon got up and stood on the backs of 2 different ponies being led around the ring, I had no choice but to laugh out loud.

It really was the greatest show on earth.



3 responses to “send in the clowns

  1. Every bit worth the wait for the last installment. Thank you for the updates and for the reassurance of this photo-all’s well that ends with clowns and pony tricks! XO

    P.S. Did Owen have anything to do with MJ on the PA?

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