It rhymes with “hooray”- it’s gouter!  Within the first week of our arrival, somebody invited us to their house for “gouter” and we accepted readily, although we had no idea what kind of invitation we had accepted.  It could have been anything and we would have said yes, but as it turns out, we were invited to one of the most ingenious social events in France.

The verb “gouter” means to taste in French, but the term “gouter” related to an event means a snack which happens at 4pm every day (even at school).  Inviting someone over for gouter is the best social idea I’ve seen for a while, since it’s really just a snack, there is virtually no prep that goes into having people over for gouter.  It’s the smallest, shortest and easiest social event ever.  It only lasts for about 1.5 hours (people come at about 3:30 and leave at about 5pm)  and it is designed to be very simple.  Why bake a cake when you can go to the French bakery down the street?  It’s even better if you buy something that doesn’t require plates.  No dishes to clean!  Need to clean the house?  Absolutely not!  People won’t be over long enough to realize that the house is dirty.  It’s truly revolutionary.

Hooray for Gouter!


2 responses to “gouter

  1. Thank God you explained how it rhymes with “hooray” because I was definitely afraid to read it, thinking instead of goiter! Phew. Anyway, I agree this is a brilliant idea for getting together. Might have to use it around the hood.

    Miss you!

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