operation elderly friend

I’ve had this idea for a while.  The idea is that the best way to learn French is to find an elderly friend to chat with.  Here is a snapshot of the ideal candidate for what I have been calling “Operation Elderly Friend” (OEF):

  • a person who would like some company once or twice a week
  • someone who had absolutely no desire to learn English or practice their English
  • someone who would not be too polite to correct my rubbish French
  • someone who would take pity on the pathetic American in their midst

Since I came up with this idea, I have been in search of the perfect candidate for OEF, but, although I think it’s a good idea, I realize that walking up to someone and asking them to be my friend (especially when there could be a large age difference) seems……………………………………very odd.

However, as odd as it may be, I have still not given up the dream of finding someone.  That’s why I thought that the block party (from the previous post) would be the perfect place to find someone.

About half way through the party, I finally identified someone who would be an idea candidate for OEF – she was very chatty, super friendly and seemed to have a very high tolerance for my rubbish French.  I kept my eye on her throughout the party and I waited until the very end to make my move.  Actually, the real story is that I begged Tim to go up to her and ask her to be my elderly friend, but he was having absolutely no part of this situation and said, “You’re on your own with this one.”  Damn him!!  What about all those nice vows from our wedding??!?!  Wasn’t there an elderly friend clause in there somewhere?!?!?!  I would be forced to do it myself.

After I downed another glass of wine and the party was starting to break up, I walked up to my OEF candidate and said in very broken French that I would like to be her friend.  Right in the middle of trying to explain in broken French why I wanted to be her friend, she looked at me with pity and gave me a very sympathetic pat on the hand.  And then, she turned back to the table to clean up the party mess.

Pretty sure I can consider this attempt a failure.  But don’t worry, I haven’t given up yet………………………………


4 responses to “operation elderly friend

  1. Brent Farrell

    Steph, did you know that oef (oeuf) in french means egg? Maybe you just need a better acronym for success! Operation AMIE (means female friend): Acquatinance Mature Intimate Elderly ?
    Nice chatting with you the other day

  2. Maybe that’s why my plan isn’t working – I need a better name. Good thinking!

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