Being surrounded by boys is tough – even though we communicate pretty well, there is always some level of disconnect.  Our interests are different.  I’m interested in people and they’re interested in Legos.  And Nerf guns.  I like Legos and Nerf guns, but there are only so many times in a day I want to have a conversation about them.  I guess I’m not very good at hiding my disinterest because here is the conversation that happened yesterday:

Owen:  Mum, I just made my Ninjago Lego spin and hit Eamon’s rocket blaster!!

Eamon:  Yeah, it was cool! Can I show you how my Nerf lasers look in the dark?

Owen:  Hold on, I just want to show her how I can spin my Ninjago lego!

Me:  Hmmmm……..<while not taking my eyes off my French book>

Owen:  Mum, you’re not looking.

Me:  What?

Eamon:  Watch Owie’s Ninjago Lego spinner then I’ll show you my laser.

Me:  <watching the Ninjago Lego spin>  Huh……………

Owen:  When we’re trying to show you something, why do you always say, ”Eh?” like Despicable Me’s mother?

Click here to see a video of Despicable Me’s mother.

Am I really that bad?


2 responses to “ouch

  1. Parallel universe moment. Even one continent away.

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