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witch doctor


iPhone/Instagram photo of the Villandry Gardens20110614-093845.jpgNot sure how many of you out there have an iPhone, but despite the expense of them (even more here than in the US), they are well worth every penny. They are especially helpful when you’re traveling (and learning French) since there are unlimited apps to help you with new words and also help you find your way home on a daily basis. Not that I would know about that…………………..

The only major downside to my iPhone is that there is some sort of voice activation feature that I don’t understand and periodically, when the big button is pressed (which sticks out because of the iPhone cover that I have), music from my iPod will start to play. It seems like the music that starts to play is often related to the noise in the background (I guess that’s why it’s called “voice activation”). This can also happen when my phone is in my bag and I put it down or it gets bumped against something hard. Like today. In the middle of French class. With a group of women I don’t know very well.

As luck (or unluck) would have it, the teacher was speaking when I accidentally bumped my phone. Since on of the most used sounds in French is the “WA” sound, my iPhone searching through all of my music that starts with “w”. Unfortunately for me, the only song on my phone is the song “Witch Doctor” by Sha Na Na that I downloaded a couple of years ago for my kids for Halloween (don’t act like you don’t know that song). Suddenly, the room was filled with Bowser singing:

I told the Witch Doctor I was in love with you…..

and the chorus singing:

Ooooh, eeeeee, ooh, ah, ah, bing-bang, walla-walla, bing-bang

Did I mention that I put a locking code on my iPhone just in case it gets lost or stolen? Do you know how long it takes to remember your code and punch it in to unlock your phone while listening to the Witch Doctor in front of a class of people learning French?

Answer: A really long time.