class verte

So we kept getting these notices about this upcoming event “Class Verte”- but we had absolutely no idea what it was.  Here are the many things that Tim & I were thinking this event could be:

1)      A unit about recycling
2)      A science lesson about global warming
3)      A parent action committee to boost the recycling program in the school
4)      A nature walk around the forests of Fonatinebleau
5)      A visit to the town dump

You can clearly see where our thought process was going…………………………….

So, at the end of last week, when I overheard 2 parents talking about the upcoming informational meeting about The Class Verte, I quickly inserted myself into their conversation to get more info.

As it turns out, Class Verte (for the kindergarten-2nd graders) is a week-long circus camp for the kids to learn acrobatics and other things about life outside of the typical classroom setting.  Sometime in June, the kids all leave on a big bus on a Monday morning from school and spend a week at a camp about an hour away and learn acrobatic skills to put on a full-scale production of an acrobatic circus for the parents on the following Saturday.

When the parents on the playground turned to me and asked me if Owen & Eamon were going, my response was only stunned silence.  I thought my head was going to explode with this information.  All I could think was:  Really??!!?!  A circus camp??!?!?  For a week?!?!?  Away from home??!?!?  In France??!?!?  Am I an over-protective parent!?!?!?

When I told the parents on the playground I had never heard of such a thing (and they are definitely not doing this in schools in the US at these ages), they couldn’t believe it.  Yet another cultural chasm to traverse.

Come to find out, that these class vertes are the tradition in France.  The teachers take a classroom full of kids away for a sleepover experience beginning at the age of 3 (when all the kids start school in France).  When I mentioned it to the kids, Owen immediately said he didn’t want to go (not shocking at all) – Eamon said he would go if his best friend John went (also not shocking).

Not sure what we’ll do about this – as a first step we’re planning to go to the upcoming informational meeting.  I told Owen to be prepared – I found out the Class Verte for the 3rd-5th graders is a week-long trip to Germany.


4 responses to “class verte

  1. Wow! I sure am glad I taught in US ! Take my class for a week ! I don’t think so!

  2. Alex said he went on these trips when he was little!

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