A random occurrance…………

Here’s the scene – I’m standing on the school playground and I happen to hear a guy speaking English (which is not all that common , especially among the parent crowd).  Not only is it English, but based on his twangy accent, I can tell this guy is from the Northeastern USA.  Finally, the voice of my people!

It turns out, he’s a close family friend of the 2 boys who are currently labeled as the “best” friends of my kids (kids =  John & Harry).  We chatted for a few more minutes and I found out that although he’s living in Azerbaijan and just visiting Fontainebleau, he is was born and raised in Chelsea, MA – the same home town as my mother!  When I mentioned her maiden name, he knew the family right away and, in fact, had done business with my uncle who owns an insurance agency in town.  From the streets of Chelsea to the playground in France – seriously small world.


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