Daily Archives: March 8, 2011

A classic move

As you all know, I’m learning French. Not only that, but I am a highly motivated French learner.  Since chatting with people is critical to my existence, I know that I won’t be able to chat well until I learn more French.

As luck would have it, there is a cultural center right around the corner from my house which offers beginner French classes. I got the schedule last week and have been mentally preparing for an entire week to attend the class today. Although I’m a motivated learner, I was still having to psych myself up to go. All morning I was working myself up make it to the hour and half long class which started at 2:30pm.

To start (and despite the fact that it is less than one block from my house) I was running a couple of minutes late, so when I walked into the class, I was scolded by the teacher in French. She said something to me and tapped her watch. Ooops. I was sitting there thinking that being prompt must be a part of French culture that I had yet to witness (in fact, it seems that everyone here is habitually late).

Imagine my surprise when the class ended 1/2 hour later!  As it turns out, I wasn’t a few minutes late, I was an HOUR late.  No wonder the teacher was tapping her watch at me.  Was the schedule printed incorrectly, you might be wondering?  No, the schedule was correct, but apparently I need some work reading time in French too.  Smooth move.  As Tim said, “You will be remembered.” Sadly, yes I will.