What we learned today

The kids had their first day of school today – very exciting and scary at the same time. The kids looked slightly terrified when I dropped them off (especially with so much French being spoken by all of their future friends). By the end of the day, they came running out of school with this report:

Eamon: “Mummy, I met one new friend. His name is John. He is from the US, or maybe England or maybe New England. He is my best friend, but he usually couldn’t remember my name.”

Owen: “I might have a new friend. I don’t know his name, but he’s nice. I think he’s from the Netherlands, or someplace like that. I can’t remember.”

It’s nice to know that kids are kids, no matter if they’re from France, England or New England.

We also learned that the 1.5 hour lunch break that the French kids are given is taken up entirely by eating a 4 course meal. We kind of thought the 1.5 hour lunch break was more of a play time than a lunch time, but apparently we were completely wrong. It was reported by Owen & Eamon that the kids eat off of “real glass plates” and are served a full 4 courses, starting with an entree (or an “app” as Owen calls it), a plate (which is the main course), a second “app” or cheese course, and then dessert.  Apparently, lunch really does take 1.5 hours in France.

Sadly, our kids were sent to school with little peanut butter and jelly sandwiches made on bakery bread that we had sliced.  Our kids wolfed down their lunches in about 10 minutes (the average amount of time they have to eat at their school in the US), so they had to sit and watch the rest of the kids get served 3 more courses (on glass plates!).  I think our kids are going to start buying lunch there from now on……..how can we possibly compete with that?


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