So glad you’re here!  I thought this would be a good way to keep everyone updated about our adventure.  That, and since I have no real French friends yet (other than our realtor and the French tutor that I am trying hard to entice to join my friend circle), I wanted to keep a little piece of my old community going.  So, read on if you’re interested.  If not, tune out, or better yet, give some details about your life, so mine doesn’t seem so friend silent.

Here are the aggregated details of the last 2 weeks (not necessarily in order):

  • finally made it Paris after initial thoughts of being rebooked to London – crisis averted!
  • realized that there is NOTHING open on Sundays in France – it makes for an interesting change of pace/lifestyle
  • the boys are set up with a French tutor named Dominique who seems  magic – the boys have been cooking and making puppets with her and learning French by osmosis
  • our house is big – and empty!  We have 5 plastic plates and lots of floor space, but not much furniture – yet.
  • the key to unlock our house is a huge skeleton key, which makes Eamon even more terrified of our big, old, empty house – he keeps walking around muttering “skeleton, skeleton, skeleton,” while trying to keep his fear under control
  • we went shopping for the required bathing suits for the boys’ gym class – they are VERY small and very French – Owen cried in the dressing room, in the car, and for 2 days afterward just thinking about wearing this thing in public
  • we learned that Ikea in every country looks exactly the same and is just as confusing to understand the Swedish in France – all I know is that Poang is a damn comfortable chair!
  • we (read: Tim) finally figured out the daunting tasks of buying a car, getting cell phones, getting all kitchen appliances (not included with the house) and getting in touch with our French bank – go Tim!

And this is just the beginning……………………….


2 responses to “Welcome!

  1. Steph, this is very entertaining. Reading your blog is going to get me through mud season. I just hope other folks will comment too, so I don’t look like such a loser with too much time on my hands (which isn’t TRUE, just avoiding work, as usual).

    By the way, those little bathing suits? Cairn calls them Zuccinnis (he started when he was four, and we just never corrected him, because it was funny!). Tells the boys-maybe they will lighten up about it…or not.

  2. I love it!!!

    Thanks Steph — hugs to everyone

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